Konstantin Ashkinadze, P.Eng.

Consulting Engineer

("Konstantin The Engineer")

WHY choose us

  • Our expertise in housing and commercial construction is backed by our many years of experience
  • Our high educational background allows us to excel in complex projects: restoration of existing failed foundations, structural alteration of existing buildings, additions, construction on problem soils, etc.
  • We constantly learn and upgrade our knowledge base
  • Our first commitment is to the safety of the public; that's why we strive to do things the proper way – no corner cutting!
  • We work schedules that are convenient to our clients
  • We'll resolve your or your contractor's inquiries to make sure there are no dark spots in the project
  • Our professional service is very reasonably priced

In short, we love our job, and put our heart to it. Our business reputation and clientele are our greatest business asset!